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As many of you know, I am an avid baseball fan (mostly Giants).  I have been touched, inspired, and encouraged with all that has surrounded the recent passing of Miami Marlins Starting Pitcher and heart of their franchise 24 year old Jose Fernandez.

At a time when our country is so engaged with racial differences and politics, I suggest we can learn a lesson or two from this young man’s death and it’s repercussions.

For the pat 2 days I have shed many a tear over this man, a man I never knew, yes, I have seen him pitch on TV.

At the same time I have been so extremely heartened by the amazing unity and show of raw pure emotion from so many young, strong, tough athletes.  Also, I have been encouraged by the next older generation of fans, managers, GM, owner and their unabashed open crying on TV.  As painful as this has been, I do believe Jose Fernandez has hit an unexpected home run with his death touching so many, many people.

You see, almost all the folks that I have mentioned here are men…and I am grateful to so many men showing great vulnerability at a time that is so appropriate.  My hope is that this gives permission to  ALL men, young and old, to allow those tears to flow as they need to.  There is much healing available here.

If you do not know the whole story, here is my synopsis (please forgive any errors, as this is my recollection of what I have learned the last few days).  And I encourage you to google him and the tributes to him.

Jose Fernandez  defected from Cuba at the age of 15…it was his 3rd attempt to do so after he had spent 1 year in jail for attempting to defect.  On the boat from Cuba in choppy waves, a woman went overboard, he jumped in and rescued her, he did not know at the time, that woman was his Mother.

Well they made it to Miami where he went to High School.  Boy, I was impressed with his command of the english language,

He made it to the major leagues and excelled.  He died in a boating accident shortly after announcing he and his beloved were expecting their first baby – a girl.

Some of what has touched me so greatly is how this has brought the baseball community together- seeing opposing teams hugging before today’s game and applauding the Marlin’s tribute to Jose.

In times likes this I do feel like Major League Baseball really does have a way of rallying and honoring and bringing people together and we most definitely need more of that.

So for every single man I witnessed crying, and for all those that I heard the emotion in your voice, and for all those I never knew shed a tear as did I, I give Thanks.  And my hope is that that touched someone in need of such a touch and permission to shed some tears.

And as for you Jose Fernandez, I say Thank You for the example you are (I am certain there will be a movie forthcoming)….I would say RIP, but from what I’ve learned about you and your Love for life, I have a feeling that the rest will be short lived.

To The Fernandez Family may you shed your tears and grieve as much as you need and always, always rejoice in the joy he brought, the amazing accomplishments he achieved and his amazing, infectious smile.

It is truly important that we feel and express our emotions.  We are human after all.  We are connected.

Dr Patty

September 27, 2016