Network on the news

I am excited to share this outstanding Newscast on the dramatic difference people experience with Network Spinal Analysis care. This is a segment that ran on the Dallas evening news.

The segment is on the power of touch with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Network Spinal Analysis as a chronic pain solution.

In it you will meet a young woman who shares her experience as an injured athlete who is open about her skepticism that a light touch could help and her report on her healing with Network Spinal Analysis.

My colleagues Dr Amy Gunderson and Dr Tyler Lewis do an excellent job of explaining Network Spinal Analysis and the nervous system and how Network Spinal Analysis energizes the system.

Then watch the reporter decide to try it herself and report on her results.
Network Spinal Analysis  is also referred to here as a “different” kind of treatment that delivers chronic pain relief.

Enjoy and to learn more about how we could help you contact us today for a consultation
Dr Patty McDowell


Watch now: (3 1/2 minutes)