Our Inspired Living Wellness Circle continues in 2020!!DSC01267

Join up with  a group of Inspired Practice Members who wish to explore MORE ways to integrate health, healing, wellness, and reorganizational strategies even MORE in their everyday lives. This will be accomplished in private sessions with Dr Patty, ILWC workshops, Clear Days, Just Breathe! and discount pricing on all Awakening Magic Formulas and special events!

For ALL the details AND TO REGISTER On-line

Our NEXT INSPIRED LIVING WELLNESS CIRCLE-up (exclusive workshop) is coming right up February 8, 2020. Join now so that you do not  MISS out on the opportunity to partake in this exciting opportunity!!!

You are invited to join our very own Inspired Living Wellness Circle.

Everything is based on energy because everything is energy!

So we shall explore: energy bodies, energy fields, energy healing, nutrition & energy, energy clearing techniques, energy shifts with AMF, color & energy, creative energy and energy medicine healing techniques.

Here’s a look at everything that comes with YOUR 12 MONTH INSPIRED LIVING WELLNESS CIRCLE Membership:

ONE Special Event – choose from a CLEAR DAY ( a $275 value) , CLEAR AFTERNOON or JUST BREATHE! – SRI experience! ( $180 value)

50% off the REST OF THE SPECIAL events for THE NEXT 12 MONTHS!! (up to $862 value): (2020 dates)

CLEAR DAY – April 4, September 26
CLEAR AFTERNOON: May 9, 2020, July 11

Just BREATHE! March 14, 2020, August 8, November 14

EVERY one of your Awakening Magic Formula purchases will enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT for THE NEXT 12 MONTHS!! ( approximate $460 value, could be much more)

3 INSPIRED LIVING WELLNESS CIRCLE-ups (exclusive workshop for members – a $540 value) February 8, June 13, October 10


5 PRIVATE sessions with Dr Patty (1 Wisdom Update and 1 SRI, the rest your choice) a $625 value

TOTAL VALUE: $2162 (OR MORE) Yours for just: $1200 (or $130/month)

You may enroll  on-line

Of course, you can also join in-person on your next visit.
REMEMBER: The magic begins the moment you make the commitment!

All the BEST! Dr Patty

P.s. Not quite ready to join the circle? Intrigued by some of the possibilities?

You may schedule a one-on-one session with me called a Wisdom Update where we can pursue some of these topics. Simply let me know if you would like to do so and we will get it on the books.
Wisdom Updates are usually $125, if this is your first, it is ONLY $75

REMEMBER:  Members will have ACCESS TO A RECORDING of the complete Circle-up, even if you are not able to be with us in person.

JOIN TODAY and start saving on your AMF purchases, registering for events and scheduling your private sessions!!