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Three Upcoming Special Events

I am excited to announce that there are 3 Special Events coming up that you may choose to participate in!  Being part of a group experience (3-6 participants) allows for community and also provides an energetic field that can enhance the desired outcome and accessibility particularly to the 12 stage exercises.

The first event is Sat Oct 22 Awakening Magic from 10-12:45!!! The focus is on the season of Awaken with a touch of Transform for momentum. It will include a Network entrainment and 3 or 4 of the 12 stages of Healing exercises. A $485 value.  Your Registration $190 (Early bird $145 until October 8).

Next we will have Magic Morning on Sat November 19 from 10-1!  It includes 2 Network entrainments and 2 or 3 of the 12 stages of Healing exercises.  A $520 value.  Your Registration $255 (Early bird $215 until October 22).

And on Saturday, December 3 – Just BREATHE! From 10-11:30.  The focus is on The 12 stages of healing exercises.  We will explore 3-4 of the stages as determined by group dynamics. We will also visit the  4 types of breathing. A $360 value.  Your  Registration $150 (Early bird $105 until November 4).

Registration is currently open for all 3 events.  They may fill quickly, so consider enrolling today!  Yes, you may do all three!  You can register in person.  If you would rather not wait until your next visit, you may register by e-mail.  Simply let me know which event(s) you would like to partake in and I will send you an on-line invoice so you can complete your registration and secure your spot right away! I am very much looking forward to sharing these special events with you!           Dr Patty


I want to share with you a simple practice I started this year that is having a profound effect.

Everyday write on a slip of paper something good about your day – a magic moment, a synchronicity, a good deed you performed or a good deed you had bestowed upon you.

It does not matter how small.

Place the slips of paper in a designated vessel ( I am using a glass vase).

At the end of the year (or anytime you need a pick-me up) look through the slips you have written and be inspired and uplifted by your own life!

It is most definitely  okay (and delightful) to write more than 1 slip on any given day!

I am discovering as I do this each and every day, my perception focuses more and more on the good in life!

May you have a day filled with wonder and awe and lots to write on your slips of paper!

Dr Patty

BARRY BONDS BREAKS THE ALL-TIME HR RECORD AND I SAW IT IN PERSON!! how network played an instrumental part…..


here’s the back story and how network played an instrumental part…..

In 2007 I took a Continuing Education  seminar.  They had us list 100 things that we wanted to accomplish this any area of life.  It was a stretch…then we read our list to a partner.  I read mine and got to where I had written “See Barry Bonds break the all-time home run record in person”.  As I shared it,  I laughed, which reminded me of Donny Epstein’s teachings of how emotion fuels action, transformation and change.

A few weeks later Bonds was closing in on the record and I kept remembering that moment of sharing and laughing.  I decided I needed to at least give it a shot so I went on-line, checked the Giants schedule and very loosely figured when it could possibly happen at home.  I was giving myself the opportunity of accomplishing this that I had envisioned.

I  chose a game and purchased  tickets in hopes of witnessing this historic event, i knew it was a long-sot.  It was the ONLY game I attended that season.

As the games passed and it was becoming a better and better possibility that this would be THE game, my excitement grew and grew.  Sure enough going in to the game he was tied for the all-time record, the next HomeRun would make him the all-time leader.

Well you can imagine when the moment came, I could hardly believe it.The moment he hit the ball I knew.  It was slow motion all the way as the “Oh My God” came first and everyone of us in the ball park rising to standing  as it gradually sunk in.   It was happening and I was there.  I had gifted myself this moment.  It was  as if moments, not seconds passed and the realization that history was happening and I was witnessing it first person.  Holy Toledo.

I immediately found myself in deep gratitude for my choice in following through and getting tickets and then showing up.  An incredible moment fueled in large part by Donny Epstein  and his teachings.  A moment I shall cherish forever and always.

(I shared this story with leader of the CE seminar and ever since he has incorporated it into his teachings.)



Monday March 6
5:45-6:30pm GUESTS WELCOME


This is a complimentary presentation by Dr Patty.
Please sign-up in advance.
Guests are welcomed and encouraged!

You may just win a fun prize!


Over the past few months, more and more people have been expressing that they are REALLY STRESSED.  (Sometimes they are so stressed because everyone around them is totally stressed.)  I have found myself providing more education and explanation about stress physiology which has inspired this new talk “UNDERSTANDING STRESS”.

This presentation will focus on the variety of physiological changes that happen and the cascade of effects that you might not associate with stress.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we will focus on STRESS BUSTING STRATEGIES.  Many of which are quick, simple and free.