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A word about SRI & opportunities for you to experience it.  Plus, it’s a great time to join  our Inspired Living Wellness Circle!!!
SRI – The 12 Stages of Healing
Learn to instantly change your frequency and state of consciousness.  Dr Donny Epstein’s 12 Stages of Healing exercises are easy to learn and to apply. Using breath, specific touch, positioning and movement along with powerful verbal statements you may experience profound and instant shift in how you are being.  Come to a brief class and leave empowered with this transformational tool to use anytime, anyplace! Join us on March 14 as we explore 4 or more of the stages!!  Your family friends are invited as well.

Are you really, really ready?
Do you wish to give more of your gifts?
Would you LOVE to enjoy more community in your life?
Are you feeling stuck or frustrated?
Do you feel like you deserve more?
These are just some of the possible stages we might explore.

SRI – 12 Stages of Healing class
Thursday Feb 13 6:45pm-7;15pm
Thursday March 5 6:45pm-7;15pm
(complimentary classes)

Just BREATHE! workshop
Saturday March 14 12:30-2pm
(4 or more stages)
Registration required $180 (1/2 price or free to ILWC members)
And, this is a great time to join our very own Inspired Living Wellness Circle as we a circle-up on Saturday February 8 from 12:30 -3:30

Inspired Living Wellness Circle, while centered around Donny’s teachings- Network, SRI, Triad of progress, Energetic intelligences, reorganizational living – also incorporates areas of my expertise, interest and enjoyment.

Everything is based on energy because everything is energy!

So we shall explore: energy bodies, energy fields, energy healing, nutrition & energy, energy clearing techniques, energy shifts with AMF, color & energy, creative energy and energy medicine healing techniques.

To have a look at everything that comes with YOUR 12 MONTH INSPIRED LIVING WELLNESS CIRCLE Membership:  or pick-up a handout at the office.