Network Spinal Analysis helps with chronic pain and so much more

Millions of people who have tried “everything” to help them feel and function better are looking for a new solution.  The healing power of touch has been known for ages, however,

there’s a new way of applying it, and people are delighted with great results from Network Spinal Analysis Care. It also works great for people who  are looking to get to their next level of performance and function.  Dallas News Station, WFAA, ran a segment on this specialized chiropractic care (the non-cracking kind) and how chronic pain patients are delighted with finding a different solution. They highlighted the office of Dr. Amy Gunderson and Dr. Tyler Lewis in Dallas, Texas. The video clearly shows how this gentle form of chiropractic is different and the results speak for themselves. News articles, news segments and videos have been popping up for the last 30 years about the tremendous results of Network Spinal Analysis, both from people’s experience as well as the heavily documented research on it.

Better communication from the brain to the body yields better healing. By focusing on the Central Nervous System,  reorganizing it’s structure, behavior and perception.  The system you live your life through becomes more adaptable. Network Spinal Analysis assists a person to unwind the tension that  has developed within the nervous system.
In this news segment, the newscaster even talks about how she was getting help with her significant discomfort and spinal scoliosis curvature.

People around the world are experiencing relief, becoming able to do new things, and finding results like discussed here (being able to get back to activities such as running pain free). Even peak performance coach Anthony Robbins swears by it and recommends it for his clients and fans.

Peninsula Network Chiropractic is proud to be delivering, and sharing Network Spinal Analysis care in the Burlingame, CA area for the last 19 years while witnessing all the incredible life changes that we are blessed to see on a daily basis. Today’s world needs new solutions. Contact our office today at (650) 697-9149 for a complimentary consultation and to see how Network Care might benefit you and your family.